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Curl by Curl cut prep instructions

To get the best out of your curly cut experience please follow these instructions either the day prior of day of your appointment. 

Your hair must be clean, product free and detangled, this means no styling products should be in your hair when you arrive for your appointment. Your hair needs to be 100% dry on arrival of your appointment and must not be tied up between prepping your hair and your appointment. 

Some products can be quite heavy and hide what your natural curls are really like because they're weighing them down! Seeing your hair product free allows me to see exactly what your natural texture is, as well as the condition. This means I can see exactly what your curls need to make them pop! 

It's important to not tie your hair up before your appointment as this can stretch out your curl pattern, meaning I cannot see your hair in its natural, untouched state. 

Please follow these steps prior to your appointment:

Step 1: Co-wash your hair. (If you aren't familiar with this term, it simply means washing your hair with a Curly Girl Friendly conditioner!) Apply some conditioner onto your fingers tips and apply to your scalp using circular motions. You want to rub your scalp for 3-5 minutes, if you have a scalp brush, you can use that instead. Once the conditioner has been massaged into the scalp rinse out.

Step 2: Re-apply the same conditioner (or a thicker conditioner) throughout the mid lengths and ends. You want to detangle your hair during this step. Finger detangling is best, simply take a section of your hair and kneed out the tangles with your thumbs and finger tips. Avoid pulling tangles apart as this can cause breakage. Make sure your hair is fully detangled, it could take a while but its worth it!

Step 3: The most important part - DO NOT RINSE. You want to leave all our the conditioner in your hair if your hair is thick, coily and tightly textured. In some cases, especially if your hair is Afro, apply more conditioner if needed. 

If your hair is fine and/or more wavy, you may want to partially rinse out your conditioner as too much product left in the hair could cause it to fall flat and limp. If you're worried that the conditioner you detangled with may be too much, feel free to rinse all conditioner out and use a leave in conditioner instead. 


Step 4: Allow hair to either air dry or use a diffuser. 

You are now ready for your Curl by Curl cut, lets get those curls looking fabulous!

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