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Hello Curly Girls.

This little bit of text will cover your preparation for your first Curl by Curl Cut! (and future cuts)

It is essential that you follow these instructions to get the best out of a Curl by Curl Cut, not following these steps may result in your appointment being cancelled.

Your hair should be; cleansed, free of products and detangled. Either the day before your cut, or the day of the appointment. Your hair must also be 100% dry on arrival and must not be tied up as this can affect the outcome of your cut. 

Step 1:  Co-wash your hair (only using conditioner.)

Step 2:  RE-apply Conditioner to detangle and condition your hair.

Step 3:  DO NOT RINSE, leave all conditioner in your hair - unless - you have fine or wavy hair.

in this case; partially rinse. If your hair is 'Afro-Caribbean' you can apply more conditioner to style your hair. 

DO NOT - style your hair with gel, hairspray, heavy butters or oils.